Originally from Kiel, Germany, Bente has lived in Australia since 2006.  From an early age Bente has been interested in animals and particularly dog behavior. Studying dog body language is the key to understanding dogs behavior.

Bente always loved dogs and drove her parents crazy until they finally got her her first dog, “Nikky”.  Nikky was a rescue, and a Poodle x Cocker Spaniel from the local pound, and she was an extremely nervous little thing – scared of everything.  She snapped at Bente’s Mum, growled at her Dad, didn’t like her sister, but Nikky and Bente clicked straight away.  Dog training was somehow natural to her and the results in getting Nikky trained, fixed and behaving better didn’t take long at all. Bente was only 11 years old. 

The scared puppy Nikky grew into a well adjusted dog and other people in their community noticed this and asked if Bente could train their dogs too.

From there Bente went to many behaviour/ training courses, seminars, and  educated herself to became a formally qualified dog trainer in Germany in 1986. 15 years later she studied Dog Psychology in Switzerland (ZFU certificate).

Bente also had the chance to be a part of a research project in her home town university –  to live with a pack of Wolves / Poodle puppies. Her job was to observe their behavior and take notes to see if the Wolf or the Poodle is more dominant. These 3 months taught her more than all previous dog training courses.  Bente also learnt specialist techniques of RALLY OBEDIENCE,  DOG DANCING and TRICKS WITH DOGS.  Bente continued to work as a dog trainer in Germany and after settling in Yeppoon, Queensland, in 2008 she started her own dog training business “Yeppoon Dog Training”.

Bente now lives in Hope Island/Gold Coast with her “MR. BIG” who is a Jack Russel / Maltese / Poodle cross, “MACGYVER” a shorthaired Border Collie x Kelpie, “DUDLEY” a Sheepadoodle x Border Collie, and “PRETZEL” a rough coat Jack Russell Terrier

Next Step…

I would love to show you how to have a better relationship with your dog, so please feel free to contact me, to have a chat about upcoming classes!